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Have you ever wondered why people look for English dovetails? How about the purpose of a proper drawer guide? If so, this section is for you. Wander through these briefings to learn more about high-quality furniture manufacturing; then visit one of our retailers. They'll be impressed with your knowledge, and we think you'll be impressed with our furniture.

Exceptional furniture is a fusion of nature's creation and human design - an evolution that ultimately highlights a wood's natural attributes in wonderfully functional ways. It creates shapes and colors that are delightful to the eye and yields finishes that are soothing to the hand.

We begin our manufacturing process in the forest, selecting only the finest woods that flaunt fiery grain patterns and gentle textures. Designers fashion entire collections of furniture that reflect the tastes and desires of real people. Artisans put their signature on every hand carving while expert manufacturers precisely mold, assemble, and finish each part. Finally, each piece of furniture is carefully fitted into well-designed carton to resist damage in transit to your home.


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