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Hundreds of skilled craftspeople weave their finely honed talents together to create our fine furniture. Lumberjacks, toolmakers, carvers, cleaners, packers, truck drivers, logistics managers, technology specialists, salespeople, trainers, designers, and managers all form the architecture of Fine Furniture Design & Marketing. And all are artists, in their own right, who craft fine furniture from traditional, classic, and contemporary eras. A few experienced individuals stand at the helm leading the company in day-to-day operations.

FFDM Management Team

Ted Philpott has invested a significant part of his career in the home furnishings industry - leading teams of salespeople, strategizing how best to reach the people who want to buy furniture, and overseeing the details that make a company successful. Known for his vision and energetic leadership, Ted led and managed the Lexington Furniture Industries' sales force, promoting enormous growth with lifestyle collections such as The World of Bob Timberlake, Nautica, and The Palmer Home Collection. Ted has held sales management positions with Burlington Furniture, Kemp Enterprises, and most recently as VP of Sales for Pennsylvania House. In his role as President/CEO for FFD&M, Ted focuses his attention on building distribution, new business opportunities, and operations.

Larry Moh, Founder of FFD&M, was internationally known in the home furnishings industry as an entrepreneur and as a pioneer of innovative manufacturing in China. He created Universal Flooring and Universal Furniture, one of the largest furniture companies in the world. Both companies were sold to Masco Corporation in 1989. After a brief retirement, Mr. Moh launched Plantation Timber Products in 1997, and by 2000 he had put the wheels in motion for the debut of Fine Furniture.

Mr. Moh was as well-known for his philanthropic work as for his business acumen. Several generous scholarship funds designated for use at US colleges and universities bear the Moh name. The most recent scholarship was named in honor of his wife Celia and provides tuition, room and board, and books for students in collegiate home furnishings programs. (www.mohscholarship.org)

We honor Larry Moh's legacy in the home furnishings industry and his vision for Fine Furniture Design & Marketing. His foresight, entrepreneurial spirit and commitments have built strong companies and have supported worthy educational initiatives. We will endeavor to build the Fine Furniture organization, while continuing to deliver on our collective promise of quality and value.

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