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Welcome to the FFD&M manufacturing facility-over one million square feet of space situated in the modern metropolis of Shanghai. The most advanced equipment was acquired and strategically installed, so employees can function with maximum efficiency. The space provides versatility needed for the company's growth.

Take a tour and discover what makes a significant impact on the quality of our furniture collections.

The Fine Furniture Design & Marketing factory has been built for efficiency and long-term versatility.   English dovetails can be found throughout drawer construction. It's not only a sign of fine craftsmanship; it is an example of the detail we put into every piece of furniture.

Lumber is harvested from the forest and kiln dried to a specific moisture content for stability. Shrink-wrapping helps preserve moisture as it moves from the kiln to the manufacturing plant.   Each drawer fits a shaped wooden guide for smooth sliding-no wobbling or sticking. Drawers are smooth, clean and finished inside and out to protect everything from lingerie to sweat suits.

FFD&M employees craft fine furniture in a clean and well-equipped facility.   Notice the wooden dust-proofing panels between the drawers, protecting items and adding structural integrity to the furniture.

The factory was built with today's production needs and tomorrow's expansion in mind. The ductwork collects sawdust, making the plant safer and cleaner. Machinery is moveable, allowing for factory expansion.   Each of our case pieces has a finished wooden back that is affixed with screws. Just say "NO" to nails and cardboard.

Hand-carving is a signature of FFD&M furniture. Using finely sharpened tools, a seasoned artisan hand crafts each piece.   After getting sanded and cleaned, these pieces are on their way to the finishing line. Bright lighting throughout our factory aids quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process.
FFD&M selects fine wood as the carving medium, rather than resin that lower end manufacturers use. The ends of the molding are left uncarved until a piece is assembled. After the molding corners are mitered and joined, we finish the carving by hand so the design perfectly transitions around corners without breaking the lines.

  Fine finishes require good light and a dust-free environment. Filters and air filtration draw dust and fumes, which is good for both the finisher and the furniture.
This is the end result of the carver's attention to detail.   After many coats of finish and hand-rubbing, the furniture is ready to be packed and shipped. FFD&M cartons are designed to cushion and protect the furniture.




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